I Have Arrived!

Better late than never I suppose… I have been in Sevilla exactly one week today.  It is hard to believe that I only have one more month here.  I am going to try to post at least once a week, and hopefully more.  This post is pretty long but I will try and keep future ones more concise!

It was a pretty easy trip getting here.  I luckily was on both my flights with Lauren, who I had only met through the Facebook group, but it was nice to know if I was going to get lost at least I wouldn’t be alone.  We had an easy flight from Chicago to Madrid and then from Madrid to Sevilla.  Our layover was awfully boring but we met a guy from Sweden who was very entertaining.  When we finally arrived in Sevilla we collected our bags, thankfully everyone’s had arrived, and made our way to meet a couple staff members from the Spanish-American Institute.  They corralled the 4 of us for a picture, me, Sam, Lauren and Logan(Christina had arrived earlier in the day and Adrian has been here since the spring semester), passed out our packets containing our living information and sent us on our way in taxis to our Señora’s home.

I got here on Tuesday. When I arrived at my Señora’s home I was so excited.  She greeted me con muchos besitos and showed me to my room.  I was supposed to have a roommate but she dropped out right before we came to Sevilla.. so I’m living solo for the 5 weeks.  It is just me and my Señora in her home.  It has really given me a chance to talk with her and bond.  She is so kind and really smart.  She knows so much about Spanish history.  My first night was spent relaxing.  When I first arrived my Señora had lunch ready, and then I SLEPT. I only woke up to eat and then promptly went back to bed.

Wednesday school started!  I woke around 6:45 and ate around 7:10.  Breakfast, in our house, consists of bread (which is absolutely amazing here) with butter and jam, a juice box, and usual something sweet.  It is more than enough…. I still haven’t figured out a nice way to tell my Señora that I don’t need to eat so much.  She is too nice, and doesn’t like it when I say I am too full!  But hey that’s not the worst problem, and her food is delicious so I am not going to complain!  My Señora (Her name is Fina) walked me to school.  I don’t think I can say it enough she is so sweet!  We walked arm in arm to school as she talked to me about the different streets, shops and bits of history of the city.  Once in class I realize how quick this 5 weeks was going to go!  Between the cultural activities, trips and school work we would be more than busy.  That night we attended a Flamenco show and stopped for gelato on the way home.

After one day of class, we had a 4 day weekend since Thursday was the Catholic holiday of Corpus.  Basically corpus is a mini Santa Semana (Easter Week) with a little different of a focus.  Each church parades through the streets, slowly, and men carry floats on their backs.  It’s pretty cool but fills the medeval city streets with infinite road blocks.   We decided to avoid the aftermath of the parade and headed to the river to relax in the sun and get started on our homework.

Once the weekend came, our schedules were jam packed!

On Friday, we visited Plaza de Espana, and Parque de Maria Luisa which are absolutely gorgeous.  Plaza de Espana was used in Star Wars episode 2 as queen Amidala’s castle so that’s pretty cool!  (Check out the pictures below to compare!) It is a magnificent place and the plaza looks out into part of the garden area.  We got to play with the pigeons in the park; that may be my favorite part so far.  I felt like a kid but I couldn’t help but smile and scream and laugh.  We met for tapas later that night and Sam showed us a really yummy tapas restaurant.  We had quiet the variety… fried calamari, fried anchovies, mushroom and scallop risotto, stewed pork cheek, snails, cheese, ham, and eggs scrambled with potatoes and sausage.  I think the only think I really didn’t like was the anchovies, the snails weren’t my favorite but they only started to taste bad when I looked at them too long!


On Saturday, we met Sam for a bus tour of Sevila.  It was a beautiful day and on the top of the double decker bus we got to enjoy the sun with a constant cool breeze.  This city is beautiful.  All of the architecture is magnificent.  It often feels like you have been transported somewhere else.  I absolutely love it!  Saturday night we went to the last Sevilla soccer game of the season.  The game was good! Seville won 4-3 over Valencia.  Their rank (9th) couldn’t change from this game but the win could get them into the Europa League… depending on some undecided issues of other teams.  No matter, it was really fun!

I spent Sunday catching up on sleep.  I slept past noon, napped as per usual and I think I even went to be at a relatively normal time.  Obviously I needed it!  I did get up after lunch and walk around the city.  I end up doing that a lot, since I don’t have a roommate I try to get out and keep busy.  Also I really feel like I know my way around pretty well since when I am walking around during the day I let myself get a little lost so I’ve learned to find my way.

This place is really great.  Between the architecture, beautiful weather (i’ve yet to see a cloud in the sky), delicious and fresh food, kind people and the NAPS; I love it!


My room


Flamenco show at La Casa de la Guitarra


The last of the Corpus procession


The Isabel Bridge that leads to TrianaImage           La Plaza de Espana


Pigeons in the Parque de Maria Luisa



Snails.. yummy?


Sevilla Valencia Game



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