Breaking Stuff Already…

So those who know me know that I have a terrible NEED to lock doors.  Normally this isn’t a problem.  Once I locked my friend out of her own house while I was inside but that’s about as bad as it’s gotten… until I came here.

After getting home from the bars Thursday night,  I let myself into the building and then into my apartment.  Once I was inside I wanted to lock the deadbolt, because for me the normal lock was not sufficient, so I put my key in and locked the deadbolt.  Normal, easy, done.. NO.  My key would not come out!  After attempting to get it out, I gave up figuring after a couple drinks and it being so late it was better to go to bed and in the morning I would easily retrieve the key. HAHA nope!

After trying a couple times, I requested Fina’s help.  She could not get it out either. I thought I had trapped us both inside but thankfully there is a secret kitchen door.  Fina disappeared and then reappeared and opened the door from the outside. Neither of us or my senora’s daughter could get it out even with WD40 and when I got home from school it was still there.

Way to make a great first impression right?  I could see that Fina, who is as I’ve said before is too sweet and so kind, was really worried about the whole situation.

Thankfully the apartment building’s handyman got it out somehow… and no locksmith was needed. So basically I am ridiculous and dont even know how to properly use keys.  Pues,  bienvenido a España.


The terribly tricky door


My Señora’s beautiful living room/ dining area


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