Memory… you have done me wrong.

We spent today at the Matalascañas beach.   We took a bus there round trip for 14€.  It was about a 2 hour bus ride, which of course I slept through.  It was a little bit chilly and pretty windy but once we were in the sun it was a gorgeous day.  Right off the edge of the beach in the shallow water is an ancient upside down tower called Torre la Higuera.  I think it was a defense tower in the 16th century, so that’s pretty neat.



Along with all the awesomeness comes my stupidity… which I believe can really be blamed on my memory.  It’s been a long time sine I’ve been burnt this bad…

I am allergic to most sunscreens, including the one I brought with me.  Nothing too crazy I just get itchy hives.  When heading for the beach today I knew that sunscreen was a good idea, but did I put it on?  Nope.  I decided that hives are worse than sunburn.  HA.  After being in the sun for 3 hours, I knew I was in trouble.  By the time the bus brought us home, I was already starting to turn red. That brings us to now.  I am nice and burnt.  Maybe red is stylish in Spain… but probably not.


With Lauren and Sam at the beach


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