Panoramic Views, Refreshing Drinks and a goodbye

As I am starting week 3, I am still just as in love with the city as when I arrived.  This week has breezed by which only scares me.  I am not ready for it to end but I know the end will come before I know it!  That just makes me want to keep exploring and experiencing this city!  This week was the first real week of class.  It is definitely a lot of work but I am trying to manage my time so I can still get out and enjoy the city.

Monday after school we visited las Setas or  “the mushroom.”  It is a piece of modern architecture in the middle of old Sevilla.  It is pretty cool looking, although it is a little out of place since it is so modern.  There is a great view of Sevilla from the top.


Top of Las setas with Sam, Christina, and Lauren


Las Setas at night (I stole this picture from google)

On Tuesday, we met our intercambios.  They are hispanoblantes that are taking english classes and want to practice English.  It is a pretty great set up, we practice a little Spanish, they practice English and we make friends along the way!  Christina and I were set up with Maria and Jorge.  Maria is a student and Jorge is an engineer.  They are both so nice and really speak English really well.  On Friday, we met up with them again.  We drank beer and wine along the river and just chatted for a while.Image



We went on a shopping trip with Mángeles, on Wednesday.  It was fun to explore the shops and we all found something that we liked!





Thursday we visited the cathedral and the alcazar palace.  Both are gorgeous.  The palace has gardens on top of gardens, each more beautiful than the next.  The cathedral is the 3rd largest in the world.  It has 3 distinctly different types of achetecture which make is continuously interesting.  The bell tower of the church, which used to be the Minaret of the mosque that stood there, provides a beautiful view of the city.  Both were magnificent.  It is crazy to think that people built those without the technology that we have today!


Stained glass inside the Cathedral


View of the bull ring from the Giralda


Out with Luke, Sam, Adrian (notice my nice red complexion)

After dinner, we went out and enjoyed a little of the night life in Seville.  It is so different here, cheap drinks and no real bar time leads to long nights, but I love it… and I have plenty of time to sleep on the weekends! We spent Friday at the beach (see previous post) and were out again on friday night.  It was Luke’s last night in Sevilla so we were celebrating “the end of an era” and saying goodbye to Luke. 😦

On Saturday, Logan, Christina and I went tapas hopping.  It was so fun!  We got to explore more of the city and we took our time drinking, chatting, eating a couple things at each restaurant and laughing until we cried (Christina).  I love getting to taste new things and try new restaurants.  The way that people eat here may be one of my favorite parts of the whole Spanish culture!  There such a  focus on enjoying the food along with the people around you, and it is something I can really appreciate!  I always feel so relaxed at meal times.. but maybe that’s the wine.

**Disclaimer: For those of you who are (luckily) not from places with a warm climate: Cockroach aren’t always a sign of dirty conditions.  They are inevitable in many places, any Floridian would agree!  And here in Spain the warmth fosters a cockroach population.

During our tapas hopping, we got to see a little guy run across the restaurant. Where did he stop?  Right under my chair, of course!  He was just hanging out loving the piece of meat the table before us had dropped. After he ate he just sat, and sat, and sat.  We had the brilliant idea to throw a carrot at him, after I did he went running and now not only us but the rest of the restaurant (which happened to be filled with only women) screamed.  A waiter quickly came over and squished it then explained to the not so happy patrons that with the warm weather and the patios doors open then come in sometimes… we couldn’t stop laughing, along with one of the tables next to us but the rest weren’t so happy.


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