Ruins, Bullrings and Foggy Mornings

For me, this past week revolved around school.  Between 2 tests, 2 papers and an oral presentation I was pretty busy!  So I apologize in advance for the dullness at the start of my week. But…

First things first..  JILLIAN MARIE RUNDE TURNED 21 THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!  You are my other half, I miss you so much!  I cannot wait to celebrate with you when I am back! Happy birthday love bug.  May you never get too old for shenanigans!

Photo on 2-8-13 at 7.42 PM #2

Monday and Tuesday were terribly boring.  Other than when I was at school, I spent both days writing papers and studying for midterms.  On the bright side, I tried the coffee here and I am impressed.  I loved it… even though it kept me up all night.  But that’s no surprise.


Kayaking in the Guadalquivir River

Christina, Lauren and I went kayaking on Wednesday.  This week was the first really hot week since we have been here, low 81 and high of 97 in the afternoons.  So it was pretty hot on the river but I was lucky to somehow get soaking wet and stay pretty cool.  I guess it helped too that I was in a boat with Muscles Mcgee…


Thanks to Christina for this beautiful pic of Ruins in Italica

Thursday, my history class spent the day in Italica.  Italica is a old roman city located about a half hour out of Sevilla.

Thursday night, Christina and I met up with our intercambios for tapas.  They both said they were bringing along friends and our groups ended up being more than 15 people!  We tried orange wine, not a fan, and piripis (basically a BLT plus some kind of cheese and no lettuce), which were delicious and bounced around from bar to bar.  It was a nice change to spend time away from the American filled bars of Calle alfalfa and Calle Betis!


Part of the group with our second round of Piripis


Orange wine at Taberna El Peregil

On friday, we took a day trip to Ronda.  It is a beautiful, quiet city surrounded by mountains.   We explored the old part of the city and enjoyed the beautiful views that surround it.  Later, we got to see the inside of the Plaza de Toros (bullring).


Thanks again Christina


Inside the Plaza de Torros


Logan (white hat) during her first race

Saturday was Logan’s Rowing competition.  She competed in 2 races, both of which her boat came in 2nd! WOO!  It was a fun, hot day.  It was nice to be at a regatta, it’s been a long time!  For dinner, we went to Plaza Alameda for tapas.  It is a kinda hippie area of town.. or I guess trendy might be a more accurate description.  Either way the food was great and the people were friendly, as always.


Out for tapas in Alameda


Church in Cadiz


Christina and I on the beach in Cadiz

This Sunday, Christina and I took a trip to Cadiz.  It was about 2 hours by train.  When we arrived it was beautiful.  The town is small and has gorgeous beaches, great fish and a beautiful church.  We visited the church and as we walked toward the beach Christina noticed some odd clouds. Of course I made a joke about it being a plague coming to get us but not 5 minutes passed and everywhere around us was covered in fog(see progression below)!  It took about 45 minutes to clear up and in the

mean time we had lunch.  We made our way down to the beach and spent a couple hours enjoying the sun and putting our feet in the ice cold water.

Before heading to Cadiz, everyone gave us a heads up that many people would be less than covered at the beach.  So I was not too surprised but I don’t know if I’d ever get used to topless moms and grandmas hanging out on the beach. It is kind of funny though, the people who anyone would want to see topless are not the ones letting it all hang out.  I do have to give credit to the ladies ballsy enough the let the girls out, but for now I think I’ll keep my top on.


a little foggy..


Extremely foggy.


No fog.


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