The end is upon us…

I cannot believe that we are starting week 5!  This has been an amazing adventure, I am NOT ready for it to be over!  In 3 days all of the other students head back to the US, Jody and Philip arrive and my next adventure begins!


Museo de Bellas Artes

Last week felt like the week of museums. Between my Colloquium class and the cultural activities I visited 4, the bullfighting, fine arts, contemporary museums and the Hospital de los Venerables.  All of them were pretty cool and very different from each other   I especially liked the Museo de Bellas Artes.  Also, I am starting to find that I don’t really “get” modern art but I can’t say that the Contemporary art museum wasn’t intriguing..


Ai Weiwei exhibit at CAAC

Modern art.. who knows

Modern art.. who knows

On Thursday, we met up to watch the Spain Tahiti game and eat tapas.  It was a really fun night and Spain won, 10-0, I couldn’t help but bad for Tahiti.  They are quite the team, from what I understand none of them are professional soccer players, so I have to give them credit for being out there. The game before, against Nigeria, they were able to score 1 goal… I was hoping to see that happen again. Maybe next year!

IMG_1232 - Version 2

Friday morning, we left for Lagos, Portugal.  Our weekend was filled with laying in the sun on the beautiful beaches.  It was definitely a nice break from the heat in Sevilla and the stress of school.  The beaches were gorgeous!  The first day we took a boat ride along the coast which is covered in caves and gorgeous rocks and then headed to the beach, Playa do Ana.  Day 2, we spent at Playa do Amado.  It is more of a surfing beach and is very secluded.  While we were driving,  I was sure we were going the opposite direction of the coast.  I even asked Sam if she knew where she was going… oops.  We were driving through country and fields, then we went around a couple curves and up a hill and there we were.  It was beautiful except the wind that covered us with sand early in the day but it got better as the day went on.  I am also proud to say that I did not get sunburnt, and thanks to Christina, I am the proud owner of sunscreen that doesn’t give me hives, WOO!

Playa do Ana


Playa do Amado

All of us at Playa do Amado

All of us at Playa do Amado

Mid day a couple of us headed up to the restaurant above the beach, leaving all of our things with Lauren and Sam.  They were awoken by a topless woman waving towards the water.  Who knew high tide came mid day?  Anyways she woke them just in time and our things were saved… thanks again guys! 🙂


On saturday, around sunset we visited the End of the World in Sagres, Portugal.  It is the most Western part of Europe and during the time of Christopher Columbus it was thought to literally be the end of the world.  Pretty neat.

Best find of the week?  A cute pair of high waisted shorts (see below) and Ketchup flavored potato chip… yum

notice the shorts

notice the shorts


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