Typical Day in Sevilla

On my last day of class, I though it would be fitting to post about the daily routine in Sevilla…

When I was looking at studying abroad and even after I had decided to come to Spain I was so curious about what to expect.. so I hope this post (along with the rest of my blog) helps someone like me decide/encourage/prepare/get excited for the adventure ahead of them!  If you are debating study in Seville… DO IT!  I wish I had decided to study abroad sooner, take advantage of the opportunity! No other time in your life can you ask the bank to help you pay for a 4 month vacation! Not to say that school isn’t work, but it is a small price to pay for an experience like this one!


Typical breakfast of toast, muffins and a juice/milk drink

I start school mornings around 6:50 am.  I get up get dressed and head to the dining room for breakfast with my señora, Fina, around 7:10.  I am lucky that she eats with me since it is so early!! Breakfast usually consists of the best bread you’ll ever eat, toasted with olive oil, butter or jelly and something sweet like a muffin.  I finish getting ready and head to school around 8:00.  On the way, I like to grab some type of fruit to eat during our break between classes.  That is if any of the fruit stores are open, Sevilla is a slow starting city so sometimes I end up buying fruit at the market next to school later in the day.


The fruit store on the way to school


Bulletin board with activities

When I walk into school, Pepe and Regla greet me with a smile and I usually check out the postings of what activities are going on each week.  They range from kayaking on the river, to shopping trips to weekend trips to different cities.  Then I head to class.  I have Intensive Fourth Year Composition and Conversation at 8:30 until 11 and then we have a 30 minute break.  Next, I head to my Colloquium on Spanish Culture class until 2:00.  This class is awesome.  We spend almost everyday outside exploring the city and learning about the history.

Gazpacho, noodles and bread.. just the beginning of the lunch feast!

Gazpacho, noodles and bread.. just the beginning of the lunch feast!

After class I head home for lunch with Fina.  Lunch is the most important meal of the day here.  One of the other students explained it like this, “at breakfast you eat like a prince, at lunch like a king and at dinner like a beggar.”  A typical lunch usually consists of a hearty bean soup or noodle dish, salad or gazpacho, chicken or pork, bread, and fruit.

After lunch is my favorite part of the day, siesta!  Napping is such a part of the culture here and I love it.  I usually nap about an hour then wake up and work on some homework or study, go to whatever cultural activity there is that evening, catch up with friends and family and then shower.  If I find myself with extra time I love to wander around the area, look around new shops and buy random food.

Typical dinner, notice Fina's plate to the left compared to my 3!

Typical dinner, notice Fina’s plate to the left compared to my 3! This is stuffed eggplant, tomato salad, french fries and an egg

Dinner is served between 9 and 9:30.  For Fina, it is usually something light, a little meat, bread and fruit but she likes to make sure I am full so I usually have more.  This is definitely something I need to work on… saying no.  I love her food and her, so if she gives it to me I usually eat it.  During this time and lunch, I get to practice my spanish a lot.  Fina and I usually watch the news during both meals and that sparks a lot of conversation!


Fina’s Living room/ dining table

Another great video courtesy of SAIIE:

If you are reading this as a student thinking about coming here I hope this helps!! Also please comment and ask any questions you’d like, I know how it feels.  Just a few months ago I was in your shoes!  So go ahead and start your application!


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