Fina. La mejor Señora del mundo.

Before arriving in Sevilla, I was looking forward to so many things… exploring the city, experiencing the nightlife, meeting the other students, improving my spanish, and trying the local fare amongst other things.  I never thought I would be so in love with my host family.


Once we arrived in Sevilla, I found out I would not have a roommate.  This made me nervous at first but now I would not wish for it to have happened any other way.  I was so lucky to get put into Fina’s home.  Fina is a kind, loving, and patient little woman.  She is so cute and sweet.  She is knowledgable about almost everything history related and always eager to talk about current events!  She is surrounded by family, some even live in the same building as us!  It is a strange if we get though a full meal without someone stopping by.  I have had the pleasure of meeting both of her children, a couple of her grandchildren, her daughter-in-law and her great grandson and a few others.

Living in Fina’s home has really shown me the importance of family in Spanish life.  They really do depend on each other, they are always there to help each other out and from literally the day I got here they have helped me!  Really though, her son came down from his house to help me set up my internet the first day!  I am very close with my family as well so I can appreciate the sense of love and support that they give each other.

Since it was just Fina and I living in her home, we got to spend a lot of time together.  We shared special stories and funny ones, talked a lot about family and politics and spent a lot of time watching a mix of the news and Caso Cerrado which is Spain’s mix of judge judy and the Rikki Lake Show but not so trashy!  Spending time with Fina helped me appreciate the culture and happenings in Spain and also really helped improve my spanish.

And the FOOD!  I believe that I am spoiled with spanish food now.  I have had the best of everything… gazpacho, paella, solomillo whiskey .. I seriously lucked out.  Fina ate every meal with me.  She was always curious about what my day would be like, how my tests went, what the other girls were doing, just about everything in my life.  This really has become my second home and Fina has been an amazing host mom.

Living in a Spanish home has been one of the highlights of my time here, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.