Free Tapas, Homemade Wine and Beautiful Views

photo 1

We spent the past weekend in Granada.  Despite the rain and cool weather it was a great trip.  Granada is a beautiful city in the same region, Andalusia, as Sevilla.  The city is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, making for gorgeous views wherever you look.


The Alhambra is probably the best know attraction in the city.  It is a beautiful Islamic palace,photo (3) surrounded by many gardens.  After the Muslims were forced out, the Alhambra was taken by the christians which makes for an interesting mix of architecture.  Throughout the palace you can see things like holy water fonts affixed to walls covered in Islamic style plaster work.  The most memorable sites of the Alhambra are the fountains and reflecting pools throughout the complex.  All of the water flows to the Alhambra from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Alhambra is built upon a hill which also makes for amazing views of the city and the mountains.  From a plaza across from the Alhambra, in the Albaicin, there was a gorgeous view of the palace in it’s entirety and the mountains in the background.  I apologize, the picture is not the best due to the clouds… but if you want a better one there’s always google.

photo (5)The night life in Granada was great as well.  With every drink come a free tapa. This made going out pretty cheap, and awesome!  Friday night, we went tapa hopping around our hotel. On Saturday, I met up with a Spaniard I had met the night before.  His family owns a vineyard so he brought me a delicious bottle of homemade wine.  After drinking some wine, we headed off into the city.  It was really fun to be with a local and get a real tour.  We wandered around though the city center and then walked up to the Alhambra where he showed me Carmen de los Mártires.  It was a beautiful compound filled with gardens and views just as beautiful as those from the Alhambra itself.  On saturday night, I was exhausted.  Some of the girls and I decided to have a wine and cheese night.  We bought a cheap bottle of wine, cheese and crackers and were set for the night.  While shopping for wine we saw something very strange, a wine taste tester. It allowed you to self dispense wine from preselected bottles, for free.

Wine Taste Tester!

Wine Taste Tester!

And on Sunday, our weekend in Granada was over.

View of the Alhambra from el Mirador de San Nicolas

View of the Alhambra from el Mirador de San Nicolas


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