A weekend in Geneva

Last weekend I ventured to Geneva.  While there, I stayed with a my cousin and her daughter.

I arrived on Thursday evening. Loretta picked me up from the airport and we headed to her house to eat fajitas (not so mexican but still yummy).IMG_3161


Human Rights Conference Room ceiling artwork

Friday I was alone to explore the city while Loretta was at work and her daughter was at school.  First, I visited the  United Nation.  The united nations campus was gorgeous.  The UN in Geneva focuses on Human rights.  While I was there, the Human Rights and Civilizations room was closed because it was in use.  So I couldn’t take pictures but I could peek in and see the gorgeous ceiling.  The ceiling  was donated by the Spanish government and was constructed by the Spanish artists Miguel Barcelo.

After the UN, I walked across the street to the Red Cross Museum.  I was expecting something old, with lots of black and while pictures and maybe some old videos.  I was very surprised with what I found instead.  The museum reopened in May 2013 so it was very modern!  There were 3 rooms, each designed by different architects, giving each are a unique feel.  Each area had video narratives from peple effected by or connected to the work the Red Cross does.  It really made their work come to life.

I ended my day in the Botanical Gardens where I walked around, took some pictures and eventually settles down to read.


Red Cross Museum

Saturday  was Women’s Day.  We started with a tour about women in sports in Geneva.  The tour was in French, but IMG_3203Loretta was kind enough to translate for me!  We learned about all sorts of women: explorers, athletes and intellectual women as well.  I learned that in Switzerland women were not allowed to practice gymnastics until around 1908 because they may hurt their reproductive systems!  After the tour, Loretta, her daughter Zoe, Loretta’s friend and I headed to the lake to have a coffee at the Baths.  It was an abnormally beautiful weekend and we took advantage of the day.  Loretta and I headed out quickly after our coffee and began a tour through the old city, the Italian city of Carouge and a few other spots. In Carouge I had the pleasure of meeting Loretta’s friend and talented artist Michel Baumgartner.  He showed me his studio and even gave me a couple things to keep!  Geneva is beautiful, clean and easy to navigate.  The lake was gorgeous and also clean!  Such a change from southern Spain.  We made a stop in the local grocary/ department store, mad does Geneva know how to do chocolate.  Seriously it was in abundance everywhere, it was great! And according to Zoe, everything was “the best in the world.”That night for dinner we had homemade Fondue!  Yum!

Notice the Cat...

Notice the Cat…

It was interesting to get to speak with Loretta about Switzerland.  For whatever reason I imagined switzerland to be so progressive, at lease in the sense of equal rights.  Through our conversation I found out there is now equal pay act in Switzerland and women did not get the right to vote (country wide) until 1959! WHAT?!  Way to go America, I guess.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Find of the week: Ovomaltine!   I had it as a spread but it originally was a hat drink powder much like hot chocolate.  The best way i can describe it is like Nutella with rice crispies in it… SO GOOD!  Too bad it I couldn’t bring it in my carry on…


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