There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

Why Ryan Air doesn’t suck…at least not anymore.

I am sure I am not the only one who has heard nothing but horror stories about Ryan Air.  Prior to coming abroad I knew I would be traveling with them and I was dreading it- Crazy fees, rude staff, untimely flights, etc..  I had read blogs from my favorite travel bloggers that prepared and slightly scared me.  But all around I have been happily surprised.  I am by no means saying that Ryan Air is perfect OR that I would choose them if another option was available for the same price but I think the time of continuous Ryan Air negativity is coming to an end.  Furthermore, not to sound like a Ryan air advertisement but this year they have made a decent amount of changes:

  • Their website is super easy to navigate
  • You have a 24 hour grace period to change small booking mistakes
  • You can bring your purse along with a carry-on
  • If you forget your boarding pass the fee is “only”  € 15 (instead of the previous  € 70)
  • Excess bag fee was cut in half to  € 10/kg

Ryan air is still a discount airline, it is small and crowded.  There is no free food and they are constantly trying to sell you things.  However, they are not trying to screw you over.  There is a reason Ryan Air is so cheap.  If you want better seat, more space, free drinks etc. you’re going to have to pay for it!

I’m not sure what inspired me exactly to post such a commercialized post… maybe it was the fact that I had gone in expecting a disaster and experienced the opposite or maybe I just don’t like the one sided convo that I am always reading/hearing about Ryan Air.  I hope that this is a change across the board, but maybe I have just been abnormally lucky.  So here it is, rant/advertisement over!


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