“Qué difícil es hablar el español”

Yo ya me doy por vencido, para mi país me voy.

But really…

We watched this video the last day of my phonetics class and how true it is!

After a total of 5 months in Spain, I feel like I have a decent grasp on Spanish.  Unlike last Summer, I have not asked for sex instead of ketchup or talked about bull sperm instead of races and I didn’t ask my intercambio when he was having sex with a train.  So I’d say this semester is a little more successful than last in the sense of my words not getting “lost in translation”.

But let’s be real, according to wikipedia,  about 406 million people speak spanish.  So of course there are going to be differences, right?  We have the same issue in English.  In the south of the US, people may say water fountain and in the midwest maybe bubbler.  In the UK, they might say biscuit while in the US we say cookie.  These differences are easy though nothing crazy.  In Spain, I can say concha (shell) but in a lot of countries in South America that is not the case…  and slang words are just the start.   When I got to Spain, my computadora became an ordenador and my sándwich became a bocadillo.  If I ask for hongos in Mexico I get mushrooms but my señora was shocked when I asked for foot fungus.  This is just the start of it but I think the video does a better/more entertaining job explaining…

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