Bucket List

  1. Visit all 7 Continents
  2. Graduate from UW- Platteville
  3. Teach English in a foreign country
  4. Learn to crochet
  5. See the northern lights
  6. Run a half Marathon
  7. Swim in Jacob’s Well in Texas
  8. Pray in the holy land
  9. Touch an Easter Island Moíai
  10. Visit NYC
  11. Read 52 books in one year
  12. Ride in a hot air Balloon
  13. Learn Flamenco
  14. See Stonehenge
  15. Swim in every ocean
  16. Visit the Redwood Forests
  17. See the Cliffs of Moher
  18. Swim with mantee
  19. See Niagara Falls
  20. Ride on the London Eye
  21. Hike in Cinque Terre
  22. Become fluent in Spanish
  23. Visit Machu Pichu
  24. Swim in the dead sea
  25. Learn sign language
  26. See the Eiffel Tower
  27. Swim in the Grotta di Nettuno in Sardinia
  28. Visit the Grand Canyon

One thought on “Bucket List

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